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If you haven’t yet, you should check out my podcast about teen sex comedies. Every week, John Adler and I discuss a sex comedy movie much more in-depth than is necessary. We cover them all, from the well known classics to low budget ones made in a couple weeks. Here are some of the highlights so far:

Fraternity Vacation

Fraternity Vacation is an underrated classic. Basically these two cool guys have to teach a nerd how to get laid so his dad will buy them a hot tub for their fraternity. Then they make a bet with a rival about who can bone this hot girl first. The nerd gets arrested for attempted rape, seriously. Also, the actor who plays the nerd went on to be a gay pornography star.

Weird Science

You should have seen this one already. Two losers make a girl on their computer and she helps them become popular. Then some mutant bikers show up. One of the nerd’s brother gets turned into a pile of feces. A dog becomes president. Only one of those things is false.

American Pie

You’ve definitely seen this one already and you loved it. Four guys make a pact to lose their virginity by prom. They each have their own strategy including joining choir and going out with a band geek. A man makes love to a pie, which introduces one of the principles we rate these movies on, “How many pie humping moments are there?” And if that is not enough for you, a man drinks beer with semen in it!

Getting Lucky

Getting Lucky was made for $20,000 in 2 weeks. A nerd finds an alcoholic leprechaun in a beer bottle. Obviously, an alcoholic leprechaun is not going to be a good one. He screws up constantly. The nerd asks for a ferrari, the leprechaun gives him a pinto. Then, he makes a jock stick a tennis racket up his ass. Finally, he shrinks the nerd down and the nerd gets stuck in a babe’s panties. Seriously.

Nerd in woman's pubes

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