Medical Questions


Medical review company is looking for doctors to write questions for our USMLE Step 1, 2 and 3 course. Compensation $10-$20 per question, depending on quality of question. Candidate must have
excellent English and grammar skills.

I took some time away from my medical practice to write these questions. Please answer them ASAP.

Jeff Wesselschmidt

If you have unprotected sex with a a woman you meet in an upscale bar ($7 beers) who doesn’t look that dirty and claims to only have had sex with four guys, and several days later notice red, mosquito bite-like bumps between your penis and testicles, what is it most likely?

If after a long night of drinking grain alcohol as a joke, one urinates blood, should one go to the hospital immediately, even if they have to work and are out of vacation days?

What is the average penis size? It’s OK if you’re a little below that, right? True or False, trimming your pubes makes it look bigger?

Can you get AIDS if a guy that looks like he has it sneezes two seats away from you on the subway?

Outline several strategies for concealing weird, red bumps that are between your penis and scrotum from your girlfriend, who is a nurse. Is there a such thing as super sweat-proof make-up?

Painkillers intensify the effects of alcohol. How much money could one save by taking a vicodin before drinking? Assume $7 beers.

Even as few as two beers could potentially inhibit a man’s ability to perform sexually, right? Shouldn’t that be more widely publicized to women? Limp dick is not a medical term, correct? Shouldn’t a nurse know better than to call someone that, even if she is not at work?

It’s not impossible for someone to still be growing at age 30, is it? Specifically with regards to penis girth? It’s not like a tree, is it? Where a new ring is added every year? You can’t tell when there was a forest fire by looking at it, can you?


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