Sports Jokes is looking for funny jokes for it’s joke page. They have to be sports-related. And they should be current and topical.

- You write them,
- Send them to me,
- If I publish them, I paypal you $10.

Jokes can be pg-13 to r-rated.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dear sir,

Here are my jokes. When can I expect my $80?

Jeffrey M. Wesselschmidt

Q: Why are baseball players mad?
A: They have stitches in their balls.

Q: Why are football players so mad?
A: Their balls are shaped weird.

Q: Why are golfers mad a lot?
A: They always have to wash their balls.

Q: Why are basketball players always mad?
A: Their balls always get dribbled in front of people.

Q: Why does Tiger Wood’s like golf?
A: He likes to put his ball in the hole.

Q: Why are bowlers always mad?
A: Their balls get thrown in the gutter.

Q: What juice is the worst for your health?
A: O.J. (Simpson)

Q: Why are hockey players angry?
A: ( I’m still working on this one.)

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