Fantasy Tournament – Elite Eight

The votes are in. We never expected this much excitement for our little tournament. Time Magazine even wrote about it!

Follow the action so far
Fantasy Tournament- 1st Round
Fantasy Tournament – Round 2

Elite Eight Matchups

Threesome Vs. Wife Can Queef National Anthem

Threesome narrowly defeated Putting Dog on Junk and Having Peanut Butter Lick It Off. Most common reasons: “You could just have a threesome with peanut butter and a dog.”

Wife Can Queef National Anthem held on to beat Having Sex With Quicksand. Most common reasons: “Any sand I have sex with is going to be quicksand, if you know what I mean!”, “I’ll feel like Thomas Jefferson when she queefs the national anthem in my face!”

Woman That Farts Bubbles Vs. Fingering a Dinosaur

Woman That Drinks Soap and Farts Bubbles squeaked by Getting to Be a Tit For a Day. Most common reasons: “If I was a tit for a day, I might start to feel bad about taking pictures of women’s zonkers when they are asleep.”, “Farting soap bubbles would keep the house clean.”

Fingering a Dinosaur smoked Treehouse Filled With Porno. Most common reasons: “I had a treehouse when I was a kid. It burned down and three of my friends died”, “After you finger a dinosaur, it would probably do your bidding.”

Cheerleader (With Multiple Sclerosis) Vs. Girl With Two Beavers

Cheerleader (With Multiple Sclerosis) escaped with a victory over Wet Dream. Most common reasons: “I had enough wet dreams to fill a dunk tank.”, “I’ll have plenty of wet dreams about that cheerleader with multiple sclerosis after we get down.”

Girl With Two Beavers annihilated Penis Lit on Fire. Most common reasons: “If my penis got lit on fire, I couldn’t spank off about a girl with two beavers anymore.”, “She’s got two beavers, so my boy Mitt Romney and I can both do our thangs at the same time.”

Dong Lights Up Like ET’s Finger Vs. Putting Your Schlong in a Hot Dog Bun and Handing It to the President

Dong Lights Up Like ET’s Finger destroyed Able to Turn Any Wall Into a Glory Hole. Most common reasons: “If your dong lights up, life will be your glory hole.”, “You will be able to hold up your dong and say ‘Phone bone!’ like E.T.”

Putting Your Schlong in a Hot Dog Bun and Handing It to the President trumps Grow Pubes Any Shape, Except Regular Pube Shape. Most common reasons: “Obama would be so surprised, he would probably move back to Afghanistan.”, “The only shape I want to grow my pubes is that of a hot dog bun, so I can hand it to the president.”

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