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What a terrible place. I just had the visit from hell! It was bad from the very beginning. I politely asked the barista if I could have a large for the price of a small because I probably wasn’t going to drink it all. He said that they don’t do that. Brian does it all the time!!!

When I sat down, a different barista saw me dump a pint of vodka in my coffee. She frowned at me! It is my coffee and I can do what I want with it. You shouldn’t judge people either. That is the problem with this country. Like that guy that ate that other guy’s face. Everyone assumed he was in the wrong before they had all the facts.

The customers there suck too. Just because you bought a cup of coffee doesn’t mean you own the place. If you don’t want to hear the music that I am playing on my phone, you should have brought headphones. Some of us like to relax to music. I could tell that some people liked it because they were nodding their head to the beat.

The employees are very unhelpful, except for Brian. I used to work with him at blockbuster and we would take movies together. I don’t normally do this, but I asked an employee if I could borrow one of their towels because I needed to shave in the bathroom. He said no. I could see a pile of them in the back! He couldn’t spare one? I had to wipe my face with their shitty paper towels. It is rough on your face. It makes shaving and drying your hands unpleasant. Without a towel, it took longer than normal, so when I came out of the bathroom there was a very line long and they all glared at me. They should really have more bathrooms at such a busy place.

When I came back there was a guy sitting right next to me. He elbow was basically touching my chair. I had a job interview in a couple days, so I started clipping my fingernails. One of them landed in his sandwich, because he was sitting so close to me. He started yelling like it was my fault! He said that I had to buy him a completely new sandwich. It is probably a scam he tries to pull all over the city! The baristas did NOTHING to stop him!! I will admit that maybe I shouldn’t have said what I did to him. I called him several cuss words and maybe the n word slipped out, but I said it with an a on the end. He flipped out and started trying to choke me. I was just trying to defend myself, so I started hitting him with my chair. The baristas finally came over and threw ME out!! I ran off because the cops were coming and I don’t trust them.

I tried to go back several days later and they said I wasn’t welcome there anymore. It is not fair. I was one of their best customers. I would go everyday and stay for at least 3 hours. I even called their corporate headquarters. They said it is the store’s right and that there had been complaints about me before. That was just a misunderstanding, and what about my rights? What am I supposed to do about internet access now?

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